Travel With Oasis Charter Bus For The Best Ride

There is nothing that feels good than traveling on a bus where you are comfortable knowing that the value for your money makes you happy. For those frequent travelers in and out of Winston Salem, NC, then you have the best bus travel company that offers a peaceful and comfortable ride on their buses. Oasis Charter Bus Winston Salem bus company is an established bus company that operates a fleet of buses connecting travelers to various destinations. The moment you have boarded this exclusive buses is the moment you realize you have selected the best ride in town.

Our services

At Oasis Charter Bus Winston Salem, we provide the best rides connecting to different cities where our prices are remarkable and you won’t have anything to contemplate about. Our buses are suited with a comfortable inclining seat that offers you maximum comfort. Once you get on the bus, you can observe the beautiful streets along the highway to your destination. The widows are large enough to provide you the most desirable position to view the outside world. You can control the amount of light entering by lowering the curtains to get the view that you need.

40 Passenger Charter Bus


Buses for hire

There comes a time you have a special occasion and you need to hire a bus toke to take you there and your group of friends. We have exclusive and luxurious buses that you can hire at the most convenient price that is friendly to your pocket. Our buses can be customized to suit your needs of the day where we also provide the best and experienced drivers who can take you all around the state of North Carolina. The drivers know most of the routes and can take you to many destinations without the need for using a map.

Online booking

Our customers can book the tickets on online platforms where they can obtain the tickets at the lowest price possible. We never delay our journeys and pick up all the customers from their designated places. Online booking offers you the opportunity to prepare well for your journey knowing that your ticket is ready waiting for you. You don’t have to spend the time coming to our offices as online booking is a complete process.

Taking along your cargo

Our buses have adequate space where you can put all your luggage and travel safely to your destination. We don’t leave customer luggage on the road but we make sure we collect all your belongings. You luggage can’t get lost as we put a unique sticker bearing your identity so that no one can alight our buses while taking someone else luggage. Our buses have gained a good reputation for treating our customers the best way possible.

We are your first choice when you think of traveling on a bus. We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and safety on the roads. We intend to improve our bus services and add more features so that our customers can come back every time they need to travel on a bus. The day you ride on one of our buses that is when you realize it is always safe, efficient and the best travel journey you can experience.