Best in Town Corporate Bus Rentals

We understand how important it is to have a safe and trusted transportation system when it comes to providing transport for your employees or for the people you do business with. Whether it is getting to a place on time or providing for a pick-up from the airport. When it comes to corporate affairs everything needs to be done timely in a very systematic and professional manner.

​We understand that for your corporate matters you just cannot rely on anyone for your travel needs. One needs to hire someone who is professional and holds a great reputation in the market, this is where the Oasis Charter Bus comes in the picture, providing solution to all your travel needs.

We are one of the best corporate bus rentals all across the Winston Salem, North Carolina. We provide high-end corporate bus rentals, that help big business organization save a lot of time and efforts while holding any kind of business meetings or events. Our buses are perfect for wedding transportation as well.

What we do

We take pride in saying that we are one of the most trusted and leading corporate bus rentals, in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Many big corporate houses have business tie-ups with the Oasis Charter Bus and rely on our team of professionals for the transportation of their employees and other important business transportation.

We have a team of professionals who work along with the event coordinators throughout and make sure that the people attending the meeting or the event are picked up and dropped up timely from the respective pickup and drop off points.

Whatever your corporate event may be, our team makes sure that the clients get a safe and comfortable ride to their destination. Our team of professional travel coordinators and drivers understand how important it is to have a smooth and steady transportation for a successful corporate event. This is why we make sure that we take off that burden away from the organisers and just let them focus on their corporate event.

Why choose us?

There are so many reasons to choose us, the Oasis Charter bus for your corporate event, but the main reason would be because we are the best in the industry and have gained the trust of a lot of our clients over the years. This is only because of the dedicated team that is working round the clock to ensure that the travel is pleasant and they reach the destination on time.

Our buses have a very comfortable interior and our primary motto is to help our clients get to their destination on time. We have number of elite and good looking buses to help provide comfort and relaxation while the people travel to their destination. Our buses are enabled with GPS so as to provide navigation. We are determined to offer luxury and comfort to our travellers, this gives them time to relax before and after the event.

We offer the most competitive prices for corporate bus rentals, in all over Winston Salem, North Carolina area. Our team of professional individuals will coordinate with you and help you throughout the process. So contact us and book our corporate bus rentals for your next corporate event.

Wedding Bus Rental

Honestly speaking, coordinating and planning weddings can be both stressful and overwhelming at times. However, the thought that you have hired the perfect wedding transport that suits all your guests’ needs should have your mind at peace. For the groom and bride, it’s an extra security for the logistics and program. For all your guests, it should come as a big and lovely surprise having them assured of safe transport from their pick-up location to the drop point. We are all aware of how important a wedding day is. We are also aware how much work is usually done in preparation for that particular day. Now, who said that you have to worry about your guests’ transport come this day?

Wedding Transportation Services

Are you located in Winston Salem, NC? If you are then let Oasis Charter Bus take care of your guests’ transport, so you can focus on the rest. Smile all the way to the wedding venue knowing all your guests will get there on time, safe and smiling too! Being one of the best companies offering safe wedding bus rental in North Carolina, we believe in offering the best.

Mci J4500 07No matter how many guests you have in attendance, a wedding is a fun event that requires a specific kind of transportation. Oasis Charter Bus offers chartered buses for rental to get your friends, family and all your guests at any wedding event in North Carolina. We have professional account executives for bus rental services who are ready to work with you or your event organizer in ensuring that all your transportation needs for that special day are well catered for. Whether you are looking for an after-ceremony party bus or a bigger bus to ferry all your guests to and from the reception, you need not worry because as Oasis Charter bus has you covered! We also rent school buses for those interested!

Shuttle Bus for the Reception

Now, the last thing the bride and groom should have to worry about is the late arrival of the guests or rather attending party. We have friendly, well-trained bus drivers that are guaranteed to dedicate that whole day to only you. Yes, that is amazing. All our drivers will do their very best to ensure that the party being transported arrive safely and on-time to every single venue. We are proud and happy that we have all kinds of buses that should cater for any and all your transportation needs. From modern buses with VIP equipment to basic buses for safe transport, we got you covered. Upon request, we can also help you decorate the bus in question to perfectly suit your styling.

Finally, you shouldn’t also have to worry about pricing. At Oasis Charter Bus Winston Salem, our prices are both competitive and affordable. If you need a quote of around or one-way trip, don’t hassle, get in touch and our friendly and highly professional staff will ensure that you get the help you want. In case of more complex itineraries, we have well-trained expert agents ready to assist. The affordable rates we offer will ensure that you don’t fall out of your budget. So, for all your wedding bus rental needs in Winston Salem, North Carolina, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Oasis Charter Bus!

Budget-Friendly Sports Team Bus Rentals

Are you a sports lover in Winston Salem, NC? Oasis Charter Bus Rental is the best way to commute a large group of individuals from one place to another. But why are they so marvelous? Would Renting one be the best choice for your group? Let’s see what you gain after deciding to hire their services.

Benefits Of Oasis Charter Bus Winston Salem

Support your favorite team

Buses are not only for team transport! If you are a fan who wants to watch your favorite team, you can book a coach who will take you where they play. You can have your friends and family on the bus and go to the game together. Store your towels, food, drinks and much more directly on the bus. At the end of the game, you will get a guarantee of safe transport back home.

Storage solutions

Clients can ask coaches with extensive storage for team tools, training materials, equipment for trainers and essential training components. Get access to containers and chassis chambers for larger pieces and enjoy the luxury of extra legroom for the team to ride comfortably.

A place for all team sizes

Coachbus (15)If it’s 56-person Oasis Charter Bus or18-passenger minibusses, we offer answers that suit every team member and training staff. A sport that requires more places – such as rugby or football allows you to look for a full-size Oasis charter bus that will not only satisfy their space requirements. The football and basketball teams love the efficiency and comfort of our minibus. Take care of your team on a guaranteed safety, and inexpensive solution.

Enjoy within the city services

If you are a trainer or a fan traveling to the away game, you will finally have peace of mind knowing that you will enjoy a personalized transit after getting to your destination. You are not limited just to the arena or stadium; Take a city tour, visit the hotel, go shopping or eat some bites in your spare time, and your driver will take you wherever you want.

Comfortable cheer journey

As you know, players should be in good health and enough rest as possible especially when preparing for a big game. We strive to provide them with unforgettable driving experience, and that leads you to the Bus Charter in Winston Salem with the latest amenities, such as air conditioning and reclining seats, as well as TVs on board, DVD players, toilets and WiFi for browsing in long journeys. Thanks to the vast amount of luggage and legroom space in every bus, also the most significant players will find their coach to meet their needs.

Go to the style game

With the Bus Charter in Winston Salem, North Carolina, securing a safe transport to and from all your games is accessible than ever. We have all connections to the reliable, trustworthy solutions in the automotive industry.

Bus Charter in Winston Salem, North Carolina provides safe and economical travel for groups of all kinds. The next time you need to efficiently transport people for a significant family function, business meeting, or school event, consider contacting Oasis charter bus company for help.

School Bus Rental

Renting buses is common among many people, especially when going for festivals, ceremonies and events. This is because buses can accommodate many people at the same time and therefore helps to save a lot of time and money. While the price is the main consideration that people make when they are looking for charter bus companies, it is important to know that it is not the only facto to be considered.

At the Oasis Charter Bus Winston Salem, we understand this and this is the reason why we are the best in the business. We offer your school bus rental services to the people living around the state of Winston Salem especially in the state of North Carolina.

School Bus Rental Cutout

Why we are the best

  • We have a reputation in the whole state if Winston Salem for being the best charter bus company. We have received good customer reviews from all our previous clients. We are a big company that has been in the business for quite some time now and we have therefore been able to acquire the best equipment. Our buses are in the best condition ensuring that they can be hired even for traveling over long distance without any glitches. Most of our buses suited for long distance travel have amenities like window tints, seats that can recline and even bathrooms to ensure that the clients can enjoy their travels.
  • Our rates are very competitive. We understand ha many people prefer traveling with buses because they are relatively more affordable. It is for this reason that the rates we have set for our charter buses are affordable to average people and good value for your money.
  • You are free to check out our cars before you hire them. Most of the people prefer to look at the buses in person before hiring them so that they are able to decide whether or not they want to travel in them. We understand this and we are open for our clients to come and inspect the condition of our cars before they hire them. We are confident in the quality and condition of our cars both on the outside appearance and operating systems too. We assure you that the buses will meet your expectations.
  • All our buses have a back-up system that can be implemented any time they break down. Even though our cars are in the best condition, we still understand that there is a risk of breaking down. We are therefore prepared with back-up systems that are already in place to ensure that you are not inconvenienced in case there is a problem with the bus in the middle of your trip. However, to reduce the risk of breaking down during a trip, all our buses are constantly checked for problems and repaired.


When you are in Winston Salem, specifically in North Carolina, then the Oasis Charter Bus Winston Salem is the ultimate school bus rental service company for you. We have been in the business for a long time now and we guarantee you the best services you can get. Your needs are of utmost importance to us and we have measures in place to ensure that you have the time of your life with us.